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About Dr Madhup Joshi, MD - Physician - Licensed Medical Marijuana Physician on Maui

Dr. Madhup Joshi, MD | Paintreatmentmaui.comWestern trained medical doctor who has been on Maui, Hawaii since 1989. I utilize treatments based upon the individuals problems, Eastern and Western techniques to help them return to wellness.

I was born in India to the Priest Class and was trained at an early age in Auryvedic medicine, astrology and palmistry. Both of my Grandfathers were priests who were happy when Western Medicine came into their small villages, as it allowed them to assist more individuals who were suffering.

From my Grandparents I learned the value of Yoga and Meditation along with utilizing herbal remedies for conditions which could be benefited by them.

Upon attending Medical School @ the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas, I was exposed to the Western techniques of surgery and appropriate use of medication, nutrition, Physical and Occupational Therapy modalities. I was also introduced to Myofascial pain, its' causes and modes for relieving their discomfort.

I also attended various courses with Osteopaths learning about Cranial Sacral Therapy as well as Visceral manipulation and spinal manipulation.

With this background I spend at least 2-6 hours with each individual during the 1st visit and then I am better able to gauge which particular and type of therapy would be of most benefit to them.

Should you require my services, please contact me at 808-876-0759 on Maui, Hawaii for an appointment.

As always our goal is to help your return to wellness, utilizing which ever method best fits your particular ailment that you would like relieved.