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Contact Dr. Madhup Joshi, MD for your personal health consultation and treatment options on Maui


Contact Madhup Joshi, MD |

Should you be searching for a doctor or physician who is willing to spend the hours needed to appropriately diagnose and treat your problems, physical, mental, spiritual; please call us at 808-876-0759 or contact us at madhupdr(at sign)

We provide House Calls to fit your schedule and our follow up visits are spaced as frequently as is necessary for your situation.

Once an appropriate diagnosis has been made, treatment will be effective as it will address the underlying cause of your problem.

We assist in Pain Management and relief from Opioid dependence.

We do this utilizing a variety of traditional and non-traditional Eastern and Western Alternative treatments along with proven & effective treatments.

You will be amazed at the results we can achieve together.

Please call us now at 808-876-0759, it might be the best call you make for your return to wellness!