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Education is the first step in combating prejudices towards, Medicinal marijuana patients'!

  • By encouraging medicinal marijuana patients' to "go public", we will help humanize the issue of medicinal marijuana and broaden society's understanding of a patients' needs and rights.
  • By familiarizing the public with patients' need for medicinal marijuana, we can build support for positive legislation, help overturn local bans, and introduce this valuable medicine to patients' living with chronic pain.
  • Through education and outreach, people will learn to become more understanding towards medicinal marijuana and the patients' who use it therapeutically.
  • As a healing professional physician, this cannot be 'understated.' 

Safe and natural pain relief

  • Medicinal marijuana has never had a fatal side-effect.
  • Medicinal marijuana is recognized as an effective pain relief agent.
  • Medicinal marijuana is recognized for it's therapeutic value, by
  • The National Institute of Health
  • The AMA is asking for further study of medicinal marijuana and cannbinoids in the treatment of certain diseases. 

Physician requires that each patient has...

  • Proof of name and current address, and phone number.
  • Current medical records that document the existence of one of the conditions for which medicinal marijuana is authorized under Hawaii state law.
  • Your current medical records from your physician that you can bring with you, or you may authorize your physician to fax or mail them to us, prior to your appointment.
  • To clarify with your doctor's office that you only need 2-3 visits of chart notes, pertaining to your qualifying condition, (not your entire medical record or history).
  • To have your physician include any relevant x-ray's or MRI reports, (not the actual films).
  • To understand that the physician is consulting with you solely about your qualification for medicinal marijuana.
  • Physician can not act as a patient's primary doctor, we require that you have at least one other current treating physician.

Physicians' Procedure

  • Upon your visit, you must have your state identification card.
  • We will review your medical records, and create our THCF medical file.
  • You will complete our questionnaire forms, if you are a new patient or a returning patient.
  • You will review a 20 minute orientation video to educate you about Hawaii's medicinal marijuana program.
  • Physician will do a non-invasive examination, review your entire medical history.
  • Physician makes determination, and fills out the necessary forms. 

Who Qualifies for a Medicinal marijuana permit?

Under Hawaii state law, several medical conditions may qualify for a medicinal marijuana permit.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Nausea 

Chronic Muscle Spasms 






Hepatitis C


Crohn's disease



Multiple Sclerosis



Seizure Disorders

Parkinson Disease